Manipulates packages cache


npm cache add <tarball file>
npm cache add <folder>
npm cache add <tarball url>
npm cache add <name>@<version>

npm cache ls [<path>]

npm cache clean [<path>]
aliases: npm cache clear, npm cache rm


Used to add, list, or clean the npm cache folder.


npm stores cache data in the directory specified in npm config get cache. For each package that is added to the cache, three pieces of information are stored in {cache}/{name}/{version}:

Additionally, whenever a registry request is made, a .cache.json file is placed at the corresponding URI, to store the ETag and the requested data. This is stored in {cache}/{hostname}/{path}/.cache.json.

Commands that make non-essential registry requests (such as search and view, or the completion scripts) generally specify a minimum timeout. If the .cache.json file is younger than the specified timeout, then they do not make an HTTP request to the registry.



Default: ~/.npm on Posix, or %AppData%/npm-cache on Windows.

The root cache folder.

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