Modifying Profile Settings from the Command Line

To view and set profile properties from the Command Line Interface (CLI), use these commands:

npm profile get 
npm profile set <prop> <value>

Viewing & Setting Profile Values

To see your current profile settings, type:

npm profile get

npm displays your profile settings in a table:


You can set or modify the following profile properties from the command line:

To set a password, type `npm set password'. npm will prompt for your current password, then prompt for you to set a a new password.

To set other values, append them to the end of the line as shown:

$npm profile set fullname nori pat marsupial

npm will prompt for credentials, then respond to confirm that the change has occurred:

Set fullname to nori pat marsupial

Enabling and Disabling Two-Factor Authenticaiton

You can also enable and disable two-factor authentication from the command line, using the steps described here.

Enable two-factor authentication if you would like to make it more difficult for attackers to gain access to your account and your publishing rights.


Please refer to the command line documentation for more details and examples.

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