Viewing, activating, and deactivating users

Note: You will still be billed for deactivated users on your npm Enterprise instance. To stop being billed for a user, you must permanently delete the user from your instance.

As an Enterprise admin, you can view active and inactive users, deactivate users who no longer need access to your npm Enterprise instance (such as users who have left your company), and reactivate inactive users.

Deactivating a user will invalidate their login tokens, but will not delete Orgs or packages they owned. A deactivated user will remain visible in the “Users” panel and can be reactivated by an admin user.

When you reactivate a user, they will need to re-enable two-factor authentication on their npm Enterprise instance account.

  1. Log in to your Enterprise instance.
  2. Go to the admin panel at https://[your-registry]
  3. To view, activate, or deactivate users, click “Manage users”.

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