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Deprecate a version of a package


npm deprecate <pkg>[@<version range>] <message>

Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.


This command will update the npm registry entry for a package, providing a deprecation warning to all who attempt to install it.

It works on version ranges as well as specific versions, so you can do something like this:

npm deprecate my-thing@"< 0.2.3" "critical bug fixed in v0.2.3"

SemVer ranges passed to this command are interpreted such that they do include prerelease versions. For example:

npm deprecate my-thing@1.x "1.x is no longer supported"

In this case, a version my-thing@1.0.0-beta.0 will also be deprecated.

You must be the package owner to deprecate something. See the owner and adduser help topics.

To un-deprecate a package, specify an empty string ("") for the message argument. Note that you must use double quotes with no space between them to format an empty string.

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