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Open documentation for a package in a web browser


npm docs [<pkgname> [<pkgname> ...]]
aliases: home


This command tries to guess at the likely location of a package's documentation URL, and then tries to open it using the --browser config param. You can pass multiple package names at once. If no package name is provided, it will search for a package.json in the current folder and use the name property.



  • Default: OS X: "open", Windows: "start", Others: "xdg-open"
  • Type: String or Boolean

The browser that is called by the npm docs command to open websites.

Set to false to suppress browser behavior and instead print urls to terminal.

Set to true to use default system URL opener.


The base URL of the npm package registry.


Enables workspaces context while searching the package.json in the current folder. Documentation urls for the packages named in each workspace will be opened.


Enables workspaces context and limits results to only those specified by this config item. Only the documentation urls for the packages named in the workspaces given here will be opened.

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