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Create a tarball from a package


npm pack [[<@scope>/]<pkg>...] [--dry-run]



Do everything that pack usually does without actually packing anything. That is, report on what would have gone into the tarball, but nothing else.


Enables workspaces context while creating tarballs. Tarballs for each workspaces will be generated.


Enables workspaces context and limits results to only those specified by this config item. Tarballs will only be generated for the packages named in the workspaces given here.


For anything that's installable (that is, a package folder, tarball, tarball url, git url, name@tag, name@version, name, or scoped name), this command will fetch it to the cache, copy the tarball to the current working directory as <name>-<version>.tgz, and then write the filenames out to stdout.

If the same package is specified multiple times, then the file will be overwritten the second time.

If no arguments are supplied, then npm packs the current package folder.

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