Remove an item from your favorite packages

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npm unstar [<package-spec>...]

Note: This command is unaware of workspaces.


"Unstarring" a package is the opposite of npm star, it removes an item from your list of favorite packages.


There's also these extra commands to help you manage your favorite packages:


You can "star" a package using npm star

Listing stars

You can see all your starred packages using npm stars



The base URL of the npm registry.


  • Default: false on windows, true on mac/unix systems with a unicode locale, as defined by the LC_ALL, LC_CTYPE, or LANG environment variables.
  • Type: Boolean

When set to true, npm uses unicode characters in the tree output. When false, it uses ascii characters instead of unicode glyphs.


  • Default: null
  • Type: null or String

This is a one-time password from a two-factor authenticator. It's needed when publishing or changing package permissions with npm access.

If not set, and a registry response fails with a challenge for a one-time password, npm will prompt on the command line for one.

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