npm Orgs Payment Plan

This npm Orgs Payment Plan (this Payment Plan) supplements the terms for npm Open Source offered by npm, Inc. (npm) at (npm Open Source Terms), as well as the terms for npm Paid Services (npm Paid Services) at (npm Paid Services Terms). This Payment Plan governs payment for Orgs and use of npm Paid Services by user accounts added as members of those Orgs.

This Payment Plan was last updated on August 6, 2018. You can review prior versions at

Under this Payment Plan, you may create one or more Orgs.

You will pay a minimum of $7.00 via your Payment Card when you create an Org, and thereafter on the same day every month (your Billing Day), until you delete the Org. This minimum payment entitles you to a single member of the Org (a New Paid Services User). You will pay $7.00 via your Payment Card per each additional New Paid Services User that you add to an Org, counted and billed on your Billing Day.

Note that the npm Paid Services Terms require everyone using npm Paid Services to have an Account of their own, added under a Payment Plan. You must add a New Paid Services User to an Org for each person who will use npm Paid Services under this Payment Plan.