To keep your account and packages secure, we strongly recommend revoking (deleting) tokens you no longer need or that have been compromised. You can revoke any token you have created.

  1. To see a list of your tokens, on the command line, run:

    npm token list
  2. In the tokens table, find and copy the ID of the token you want to delete.

  3. On the command line, run the following command, replacing 123456 with the ID of the token you want to delete:

    npm token delete 123456

    npm will report Removed 1 token

  4. To confirm that the token has been removed, run:

    npm token list

Note: You must use the token ID to delete a token, not the truncated version of the token. In some cases, there may be a delay of up to an hour before a token is successfully revoked.